• SAND AEL36105  300x600mm
  • ONYX AEL36101 600x600mm
  • ONYX AEL36101 300x600mm
  • BORON AEL36102 600x600mm
  • BORON AEL36102 300x600mm
  • DOLOMITE AEL36103 600x600mm
  • DOLOMITE AEL36103 300x600mm
  • Elrond Surface
  • SAND AEL36105 600x600mm
  • BRUCITE AEL36106 600x600mm
  • BRUCITE AEL36106  300x600mm
  • Elrond | 8pcs 300x600mm | 4pcs 600x600mm | 12pcs 200x600

Elrond | 8pcs 300x600mm | 4pcs 600x600mm | 12pcs 200x600


Quantity / carton

Glazed Porcelain Coloured Body 

Size: 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 200x600mm
Coverage: 0.18m² / pc, 0.36m² / pc
Thickness: 9.3mm
Surface: Matt
Variation: V2
Application: Wall & Floor


Products are sold by the carton only.
Prices are subjected to change without prior notice.


Packing List pcs/ctn price/pc
600x600mm 4 pieces RM20.80
300x600mm 8 pieces RM9.30
600x600mm 4 pieces RM18.90
200x600mm 12 pieces RM4.15

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